High-Quality Salon Services In Pocatello

Looking for a day away or just a quick relaxation moment?

Sunsations of Pocatello is the premier location for all your tanning, day spa and salon needs. Located in Pocatello, Idaho, we offer massages, lash extensions, facials, waxing, pedicures, manicures, acrylic & gel nails, body wraps and many other salon and day spa amenities, including state-of-the-art tanning services. 

Come in today for a tour of our facility and try out one of our tanning beds, your first tan is always free!


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Our Services

Below are just a few of the services we offer at our two convenient locations.  Please note some services offered at one location, may not be offered at another.  Please contact us for complete details or visit us at our Sunsations locations.  For all of our current clients, we hope to see you back soon.  For those we have not met yet, please come in and see what we have to offer.  We can’t wait to serve you.

Tanning Options Available

Open Sun

  • Single Session – $18.50
  • 10 Session Package – $140

12 minute maximum tanning exposure.  This High Pressure unit gives great 360 degree coverage with A.R.T.-Advanced Reflexive Tanning. It is very open and spacious, perfect for clients who dislike the “closed-in” feeling of traditional beds.


  • Single Session – $15.50
  • 10 Session Package – $125

10 minute maximum tanning exposure.  Exquisite design and dramatic styling capture the imagination. Its contoured shape eliminates all pressure points and its internal air conditioning unit leaves you comfortably tan.  It is voice guided and has a aroma aqua-mist options to keep you cool during your tan.


  • Single Session – $13.50
  • 10 Session Package – $100

12 minutes maximum tanning exposure.  Select the tanning position that is most comfortable for you and still receive maximum tanning intensity and total body coverage.


  • Single Session – $6.50
  • 10 Session Package – $55.50

20 minute maximum tanning experience.  Powerful bronzing ability and sleek design provide a pleasurable and relaxing tanning experience. Includes a high velocity fan to keep you cool.


  • Single Session – $5.50
  • 10 Session Package – $39.50

15 minute maximum tanning experience. Includes user-friendly features. Good for beginners, and those who just like the relaxing aspect of tanning.

Mystic Spray Tan

  • One Session – $25
  • 5 Sessions – $110
  • 10 Sessions – $200

Tanning packages expire 1 year from the purchase date. Federal tanning tax is an additional 10% added with the 6% sales tax, included in all tanning transactions. Above prices do not include tax.

Body Treatment Options Available


Swedish Miracle

  • 90 Minutes – $80

The use of deep sea mud and amino nutrients to lose inches, contour figure, detoxify, and replenish skin.  Lose 6 – 20 inches in just one treatment!


Body Scrubs

  • Full Body – $60
  • Half Body – $35
  • Add foot scrub to facial or massae – $15
  • Add hand scrub to facial or massage – $10
  • Season Scrub (Providers choice) – $70
  • Add DoTerra Oil – $10

An essential for maintaining healthy smooth skin. Rich sugar cane extracts or soft jojoba micro-beads exfoliate unwanted dead skin. Followed by an intense hydrating treatment of body butter to bring deep moisture to the skin. Customize any scrub by adding one of our DoTerra Essential Oils to make it your own!


Massage Options Available

Swedish Massage

  • 30 minutes – $35
  • 60 minutes – $60
  • 90 minutes – $75

A swedish massage promotes relaxation, eases tension, and improves the circulation in the body. Gentle movements by the therapist help you relax while your muscle tension practically melts away.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • 30 minutes – $40
  • 60 minutes – $70
  • 90 minutes – $90

Deep tissue massage (or deep muscle massage) uses the same techniques as a classic Swedish massage but is aimed at applying pressure to release chronic tension.

Designed to target the deeper structures of the muscle and connective tissue, deep tissue massage applies more pressure and focuses on areas that require relief. Specific muscle areas and specific aches are treated to slow strokes and deep finger pressure. Help release chronic tension in your muscles with our deep tissue massage.

Pregnancy Massage

  • $60 (60 minutes)

Also known as a Pregnancy Massage, Prenatal Massage achieves the same goals as a regular massage. It aims to relax and aide in easing sore or tense muscles. However, a pre-natal massage is tailored to specifically fit the needs of a pregnant woman. Constant body changes during pregnancy create some discomforts. A prenatal massage can help relieve discomforts, including low back pain.

Hot Stone Massage

  • $90.00 (90 Minutes)

Experience the ultimate feeling of stress and muscle tension melting away with a hot stone therapy massage. Heated stones are applied to specific points on the spine to enhance and improve energy flow. Hot stone therapy massage combines warm stones with a relaxing massage to aide in easing sore and tense muscles, relieving pain from injuries, and helps with relaxation.

Couples Massage

  • $125 (60 minutes)

Ready to relieve the mounting stresses of the day? A couples massage is the perfect mini getaway for two. You’ll both relax in a private room while our therapists provide a relaxing massage.

Facials & Esthetics Available

Sunsations Signature Facial

This traditional European treatment includes a full hour of thorough cleansing and deep relaxation. This traditional facial will leave your skin glowing and healthy. The Signature facial is a great introduction to all our facial services.

1/2 hour – $30, 1 hour – $60, 1 1/2 hour – $90

Waxing – Services

  • Back – $45
  • Bikini – $30
  • Brazilian – $50
  • Brow Maintenance – $15
  • Chest – $45
  • Chin – $10
  • Foot – $10
  • Full Arm – $25
  • Full Face – $40
  • Full Leg & Bikini – $70
  • Full Leg – $55
  • Half Leg – $40
  • Half Leg & Bikini – $60
  • Hand – $10
  • Jawline – $18
  • Lip – $10
  • Nose – $10
  • Underarm – $17

Lash Extensions, Full Set – $120

Eyelash Extensions are a revolutionary product that will provide you with longer, thicker, luscious and natural looking eyelashes.  Eyelash Extensions are not traditional false eyelashes. They are single synthetic strands of eyelashes applied ONE by ONE directly to your individual eyelashes by a Lash Extensions Stylist for a NATURAL look and feel. With routine touchups every 1 to 2 weeks, you can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely.


  • Microdermabrasion – $75

A non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure that gently exfoliates and polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells while stimulating collagen and elastin growth, to reveal healthy new skin that looks and feels smoother.

Chemical Peel

  • Chemical Peel – $100

A multi-layered chemical peel used to remove superficial layers of the skin. Young new cells reveal a softer, clearer and more “baby-like” appearance. During the peeling phase, acne, blackheads, fine lines and age spots are greatly reduced. Results will increase with each peel.


  • Dermaplaning – $30
  • Dermaplaing with 60 minute facial – $75

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive treatment which uses a special tool at a forty-five degree angle and stroked along the skin, while holding the skin taut to remove “peach fuzz”, as well as dead skin cells. Combine this with our signature facial that will have your skin glowing in no time!

Nail Options


  • Mini Mani – $25
  • Spa Mani – $38

We start by exfoliating the dead skin cells off of your hands and forearms with a luxurious scrub. The scrub is massaged in with essential oils and taken off with warm towels. Next, we use a heavy moisturizer to soften and moisturize your hands. We polish your nails with a polish of your choice.

Spa Pedicure

  • Mini Pedi – $30
  • Spa Pedi – $50

Your feet are relaxed in a therapeutic foot whirlpool and then treated to a special healing pedicure. An exfoliating scrub, followed by aromatherapy oil, prepares the feet to be sealed in a paraffin boot. For the finishing touch you have your choice of a nail color or a healthy buff finish.


  • $25

Shellac Add On

  • Please call for prices.

Fiberglass Nail Set

  • $45

Fiberglass Fill

  • $30

Acrylic Nail Set

  • $50

Acrylic Fill

  • $30

Artificial Nail Removal

  • $8

Red Light Therapy

  • Single Session – $11
  • Package of 10 – $80

Redlight therapy is a nonabrasive skin care treatment that helps with age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, muscle cramping and MORE! Recommended at least 3 to 4 12 minute sessions a week for 3 months or until desired results. Available in single sessions and packages.


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